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the Charging Revolution

In this cell phone addicted world, aren’t we always in need of a charge? Now it’s possible in the back of a taxi! Create happy customers by relieving their anxiety. Join the revolution!


Taxis with Play Charging are customers' 1st choice.

1Fits any vehicle & charges any phone

2Play Quick ChargeTM functionality

3Creates happy & loyal customers

With 6 years of taxi advertising experience, we help our partners get more fares than their competitors & increase customer happiness. Join Play Charging and you can expect:

  • More fares & better tips
  • Exterior Play Charging symbol to increase street hails
  • Share of advertising revenue
  • Access to our Worldwide Patented technology

Don’t be like every other taxi company. We help exceptional taxi companies differentiate themselves and see profitable growth.


When you choose to sponsor Play Charging, you are guaranteed:

1High impact location

2Captive environment

3Positive association

We provide our audiences with helpful information and useful technology. This means our sponsors are noticed, respected and appreciated by consumers. Our taxis feature:

  • Really long dwell time
  • Category exclusivity
  • Affluent demographic

Limited sponsorship opportunities available, don’t miss out!


Interested in licensing our patented Play Charging technology for your market? Let’s do it!

  • country exclusive licenses available
  • we supply product assistance
  • we supply marketing assistance

Don’t wait, many markets already under negotiation.

PCT Protected Countries
Patent Licensing available worldwide in Patent Cooperation Treaty Countries: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/pct_contracting_states.html


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